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Revolutionizing Oilsands Industry:
The Success Story of Titanium Carbide Reinforced Chrome White Iron (TiC CWI) Suction Liners

Canadian Innovative Materials takes pride in introducing a game-changing development in wear solutions – the Titanium Carbide Reinforced Chrome White Iron (TiC CWI) suction liners. Dive into the details of our innovative manufacturing process and the exceptional success achieved in the oilsands industry...

Redefining Durability:
The Success Story of our Crack Free Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) Plates

Delve into the extraordinary success story of our Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plates, where cutting-edge technology and proprietary treatments converge to set new standards in wear solutions. Beyond mere goals, Canadian Innovative Materials has achieved an unparalleled feat in enhancing the performance of CCO plates through advanced automatic welding technology and post-weld heat treatment...

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