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Redefining Durability:
The Success Story of our Crack Free Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) Plates

Delve into the extraordinary success story of our Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plates, where cutting-edge technology and proprietary treatments converge to set new standards in wear solutions. Beyond mere goals, Canadian Innovative Materials has achieved an unparalleled feat in enhancing the performance of CCO plates through advanced automatic welding technology and post-weld heat treatment.

Advanced Technology and Proprietary Treatment:

At the core of our achievement lies our ability to produce CCO plates up to 25 mm thick in a single pass, thanks to our advanced automatic welding technology (modified sub arc welding). A proprietary post-weld heat treatment ensures a never-before-seen smooth overlay surface, free of check cracks and underbed cracking.


Versatility in Cutting and Repair:

Our CCO plates offer unprecedented versatility. Whether cut by flame, PTA, or laser, and repaired using typical CCO wires such as Arctec 661T and W1063, these plates showcase adaptability that goes beyond industry standards.

The Challenge: Enhancing Pump Box Wear Life

The application of CIM CCO plates in a high-wear pump box area exemplifies the transformative impact of our technology. Facing accelerated wear and cracking with the original CCO plates, the operator sought CIM's assistance to increase the wear life.


CIM Solution: 20mm Crack-Free CCO

Responding to the challenge, Canadian Innovative Materials delivered a groundbreaking solution - a 20mm CCO crack-free overlay with a smooth surface. The result was not just a repair but a transformation of the wear dynamics in the pump box area.

CIMPlate M30 Post-Plasma Cutting_edited.
CIMPlate M30_edited.jpg
CIMPlate M30 two years after installatio

Operator Testimony: Simple, Effective, and Fracture-Free Repair

The operator's testimony speaks volumes. The repair process, once seen as a challenge, became simple and highly effective with CIM's crack-free CCO plates. The ease of cutting and welding further added to the operator's satisfaction. Post-repair, no fractures or cracks were observed, validating the durability of our CCO plates.

Trial: Impressive Results

A year-long trial at a major oilsands operator (40 million tonnes) showcased the longevity and wear performance of CIM's crack-free CCO plates. CIM Plate’s thickness of 12+20 mm saw an overall wear rate of 2-3 mm/year, a stark contrast to the traditional CCO plate's wear rate of 10-12 mm/year in the exact same location.

Operator Satisfaction and Future Prospects:

With an overall highly satisfied operator and successful trial completion, Canadian Innovative Materials has not only met but exceeded expectations. The operator is now inclined to utilize CIM's CCO plates moving forward, reinforcing the credibility and impact of our wear solutions in challenging operational environments.

CIMPlate M30 Post-Repair_edited.jpg

After two years of operation, the CCO plate still stands strong

CIMPlate M30 Installation_edited.jpg
CIMPlate M30 after 40 million tonnes_edi
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