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Revolutionizing Oilsands Industry:
The Success Story of Titanium Carbide Reinforced Chrome White Iron (TiC CWI) Suction Liners

Canadian Innovative Materials takes pride in introducing a game-changing development in wear solutions – the Titanium Carbide Reinforced Chrome White Iron (TiC CWI) suction liners. Dive into the details of our innovative manufacturing process and the exceptional success achieved in the oilsands industry

Innovative Manufacturing Process:

Our TiC CWI suction liners are born from a precision manufacturing process. Titanium powder and carbon fiber are meticulously compacted and pre-formed in the mold cavity. The infusion of molten metal triggers the ignition of Titanium (Ti) and Carbon (C), resulting in a suction liner that not only outperforms conventional CWI but is also 20% lighter.


The Challenge: Doubling TSRU Suction Liner Wear Life

Facing a critical challenge in the oilsands industry, Canadian Innovative Materials committed to doubling the wear life of Large Oilsands Company's TSRU suction liners. The existing OEM Liners were only reaching 2190 hours – a hurdle we were determined to overcome.


Exploration and Trials:

In the pursuit of longevity, we explored Titanium Carbide (TiC) suction liners. The trials unveiled TiC as the standout performer, showcasing a substantial improvement in wear life compared to OEM suction liners.

Triumph of Titanium Carbide:

The rigorous testing and analysis demonstrated the superiority of TiC suction liners, prompting us to implement the upgrade. The outcome exceeded expectations, successfully doubling the wear life of TSRU suction liners and setting a new standard in the industry.

With OEM suction liners capping at 2190 run hours, our TiC suction liners are projected to reach an impressive 6000 hours. This projection signals not just longevity but a paradigm shift in wear solutions for the oilsands industry.


Competitive Pricing and Cost Efficiency:

Canadian Innovative Materials understands the importance of cost efficiency. Our TiC suction liners not only outperform OEM counterparts but are also competitively priced, pr oviding a more than 2.5x return on investment compared to OEM products.



The success of TiC CWI suction liners is not just a milestone for Canadian Innovative Materials; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. The results have also expanded onto other wear assets such as beam caps and spool inserts. As we continue to refine and redefine industry standards, the TiC technology stands as a beacon of progress, offering unparalleled durability and cost-effectiveness in the demanding oilsands environment.

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