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TungHard™ PTA Tungsten Carbide Overlay Was Tested in the National Research Council of Canada

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

CIM TungHard™ PTA Tungsten Carbide overlay has been tested in the National Research Council of Canada. The TungHard™ is made from 70% spherical tungsten carbide in NiCrBSi matrix by Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding process. It is designed for extreme abrasive conditions in slurry lines, pump suction & discharge spools and wear spools.

The wear tests include ASTM G65, Slurry Jet Erosion (SJE) and Steel Wheel Abrasion Test (SWAT). The TungHard™ is on the top quartile comparing to the typical PTA WCO. It could increase 5-6 times wear life comparing to Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO).

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