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Duroplate™ M30 CCO plates are installed at CNRL Albian Mine

CIM DuraPlate™ is a composite Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) fabricated by cutting-edge welding technologies. The CCO overlay can be made up to 25 mm thick with a single pass. The overlay surface is smooth and free of welding beads and check cracks.

The advanced CCO overlaid materials have been tested in NRC and Innotech Alberta, the hardness, chemistry, ASTM G65 and rotary impact tests results are consistent through-thickness of the overlay. The wear resistance of DuraPlate™ is 1-2 times better than the typical CCO overlay. CIM will provide the test results reports upon request if anyone is interested.

Thanks to great help from Canadian Natural Resource central engineering and Albian reliability teams, after several rounds of discussion and expedited NRC and Innotech Alberta wear tests, the DuraPlate™ CCO plates could be delivered for the 2022 spring turnaround. CIM will keep updated on the field test results.

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