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1” thick TungTough™ samples are delivered to NRC and Innotech Alberta for wear and impact tests

Updated: May 28, 2022

Tungsten carbide overlay (WCO) is extensively used in aggressive abrasion conditions due to the combination of high hardness and toughness. The tungsten carbide particles are normally added to Ni, Co, or iron based matrix and applied by welding, sintering, thermal spray, vacuum fusion or HIP processes. WCO can be welded by MIG, Flux Core, Plasma Arc Weld (PTA), and laser cladding. High heat input during the welding process could cause carbide dissolution and matrix deterioration. As a result, PTA is selected as a practical process due to its lower heat input.

But PTA WCO has usually applied 1-3 passes for up to .5 inch. The multiple passes are more prone to higher heat input and restrict the overlay thickness. CIM has developed proprietary technology to apply 1” thick TungTough™ on the shovel teeth. TungTough™ is developed for high impact services with 70% angular tungsten carbide in NiBSi matrix. The field testing performance of 1” thick TungTough™ is superior and CIM would like to conduct more tests at the National Research Council of Canada and Innotech Alberta to evaluate the performance. The tests include metallurgical analysis, hardness, ASTM G65 abrasion, Impeller in Drum, rotary impact, and High Energy Impact tests. CIM will keep updated on the test results once completed.

CIM is committed to sustainable practices and also helping our customers improving the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

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