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SHS – An Innovative Method to Improve Wear Resistance of Chrome White Iron

Self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) is a process in which the synthesis reaction occurs through the reactant mixture in the form of a combustion wave.

An example of SHS reaction is the thermite reaction given below:

Fe2O3 + Al → 2Fe + Al2O3

This reaction generates temperatures above the melting point of the aluminum and is used in the thermit welding process for joining railway lines.

CIM investigates the SHS method in which the extra fine titanium carbide is formed in situ at chrome white iron, high manganese steel, or mild steel base.

Ti + C→ TiC

The titanium carbide could reinforce the chrome white iron base and provide wear protection of both high-impact erosion and low - stress abrasion. CIM will keep you updated on the innovative TiC SHS method.

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