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TungTough™ PTA Tungsten Carbide Overlay Was Applied on Shovel Teeth and Adaptors

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

CIM TungTough™ has been applied to the shovel teeth and the adaptors and extended the service life of the teeth and the wear parts. TungTough™ is a specially formulated Tungsten Carbide Overlay (WCO) applied by Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding process. The carbide is 60-70 wt % angular eutectic tungsten carbide, and the balance is NiBSi matrix. The carbide hardness is HV 2300-2600, and the bulk hardness of the matrix is HRC 65.

TungTough™ is developed for medium to heavy load applications, and the combination of high hardness of the prime carbide and high toughness of the matrix make the wear products excellent for high-impact applications. The WCO overlay increases 2-3 times the life to the shovel teeth and 1-2 times to the adaptor. The detailed field application report will be available upon request.

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