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TungTough™ PTA Tungsten Carbide Overlay Was Tested in Innotech Alberta

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

TungTough™ is a specially formulated Tungsten Carbide Overlay (WCO) applied by Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding process. It is developed for medium to heavy load conditions. The combination of high hardness of the prime carbide and high toughness of the matrix make the wear products excellent for high-impact applications; for example, shovel teeth, crusher teeth, rotary screen wear plates, truck beds liner, shovel bucket and liner plates, grinder hammer tips, loader bucket liners, conveyor liners, and chutes/hoppers.

TungTough™ was tested at Innotech Alberta in October 2020. The tests include metallurgical analysis, surface and through-thickness hardness, ASTM G65 and rotary impact test. The wear performance of TungTough™ is superior to the typical PTA WCO especially the rotary impact test results. The exceptional impact resistance results from the combination of the good toughness of NiCrB matrix and hard carbide particle. The field application of TungTough™ on shovel teeth and adaptors has proved to extend the service life: 2-3 times the life to the shovel teeth and 1-2 times the life to the adaptor.

InnoTech Alberta test report is available upon request.

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