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CIM will present at MARIOS technical workshop in May 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Innotech Alberta MARIOS (Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands) consortium links oil sands producers, materials and equipment suppliers, fabricators, and technology providers to collaboratively solve industry-wide problems. The goal of MARIOS is to develop knowledge and validate technologies to significantly reduce downtime, and improve operational reliability and productivity in the oil sand industry. As a wear solution provider and wear materials producer, the mission of CIM is aligned with the goal of MARIOS, CIM develops advanced wear-resistant materials and disruptive technologies for mining, energy and construction applications to reduce overall cost and improve performance.

As an MARIOS supplier member, CIM will present cutting-edge wear materials development and wear parts case studies in oil sands, e.g. smooth, crack-free, up to 1” thick chrome carbide overlaid plates (DuroPlate™), tungsten carbide overlaid wear rings for knife gate valve (TungHard™), TiC reinforced chrome white iron beam caps (TitanCast™), Sintered titanium carbide embedded sizer teeth (CIMTiC™), …, don’t miss out.

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