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CIM Joined MARIOS Program as the Latest Supplier Member

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

CIM has signed an agreement with Innotech Alberta as a supplier member of MARIOS (Materials and Reliability in Oil Sands) program. The goal of MARIOS is to develop knowledge and technologies of wear resistant materials to reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability and productivity in the oil sands and mining industry.

The consortium includes oil sands producers, equipment suppliers, wear materials fabricators, and technology providers to collaboratively solve industry-wide problems.

CIM is a global leader in wear resistant materials development and fabrication. CIM PTA WCO, TiC reinforced CWI, SiC ceramic and CCO are extensively used in the mining industry. MARIOS membership could enable CIM to work directly with the end-users and implement CIM wear resistant products into Oil Sands applications.

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